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'We Love Startups'

Designed for: 17WebDev

Desktop (left) and mobile (right). Click either image to expand

Parameters: One desktop and one mobile web page.

This project was all about the flow of information. How can we tell our story to startups looking for assistance?

What is 17WebDev? "17 Web Dev is an established result-driven and goal-oriented web, mobile app and software development agency working with B2B clients and startup agencies since 2017. We are transparent and punctual when fulfilling your product's needs. We conduct extensive research prior to our in-house development which you can monitor throughout your product’s development." -

Information Architecture: The "Startups" page is one piece of a massive puzzle. Within that piece, we had to decide how to arrange information to be quickly digestible while also getting to the details. Content is a king, but a good king serves the people.

Prioritizing who we are: Startups want to know who they're working with. By showing transparency we establish trust and confidence. 

Getting Visual: 17WebDev uses a beautiful purple that stands out from the crowd. By keeping a clean color palette that only uses purple, black and white we can ensure an elegant professional look.

Consistency is key between desktop and mobile. In the even clients use both we want them to feel comfortable with a familiar site.

From my days in news design, a mentor once told me "run the visuals big and get the hell out of their way." That methodology applies here as well. The funding graph is presented in a donut chart, giving it a unique look but working in the same way a pie chart does: it's a familiar process for users with a fresh look.

Perks and Partners: Continuing this methodology lets us show off who we work with and why. While it was decided not to lead the page with this information, the last thing a user sees can be as critical as the first. So I used this space to let the visuals convey ideas. And I stayed the hell out of their way.

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