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Fere, a scary movie suggestion service

Designed for: Figma UI Challenge

What's the challenge?

FERE was the result of a 45-minute Figma UI challenge. The rules were simple; design any landing page around a 'fall' theme. With only 45 minutes and a broad prompt, this was all about creativity.

Movies, with passion

October is a time for scary movies, right? A website to help you choose one seems like a helpful idea. But this in itself is not terribly exciting. Others at the event had the same concept and there are several websites that already exist. So what makes Fere special?

UX writing

The MVP of Fere is not in a splashy design (after all, the challenge did outline only 45 minutes!) but in the writing. The story we tell our users isn't always in design or navigation. When I want to watch a scary movie, I want to get into a certain mindset. So the idea struck me; let's use these fascinating characters to write directly to our users. In the example above, Jigsaw uses AI to see what Ronald has been clicking on. In true Jigsaw fashion, he uses this to speak directly at our user.

Figma Test_Page_2.jpg

Let's flesh it out more

With just a bit of time left on the clock, I could develop this idea in more detail by going beyond the landing page. Here we see both design and writing come together to create a unique experience. The red balloons are simple elements to add on the dev side, but create another layer for the user to get into an 'IT' mindset.

Likewise, the writing dives deeper with Pennywise speaking directly to our user Ronald. In this case, we used a popular shortening of the name Ronald to give Pennywise that playful element he uses in the films. 

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